Who we are

Desavi Food is a single shareholder corporation (SAU) which is part of Nuova Sesac, a Valencian business group developed by the Cases Montarde, which for the last three years has been involved in the productive and industrial economy, generating more than 150 direct jobs.

As a group, we are specialists in the food sector with other companies such as Gracomsa Alimentaria and Selev Pet Industry, but we have also developed ancillary or complementary companies in the port logistics and renewable energy sectors.

Founded in 2010, Desavi Food is the youngest of the Grupo Nuova Sesac, but in a few years it has managed to position itself as a leader in quality and international expansion in its specialist field. Our products are consumed in five countries apart from Spain and has the IFS (International Food Standard) food safety and quality certificate.

2010 Desavi Food was founded in Torrente (Valencia) as a plant for the mechanical separation of meat paste and other organs from the chicken carcass.

2011 The IFS (International Food Standard) was obtained, aimed at guaranteeing the international safety and quality certificates in the preparation and treatment of own-brand foodstuffs intended for human consumption.

2011 The Halal Food & Quality certificate was obtained, aimed at complying with the animal sacrifice requirements according to the religious precepts of Halal food and the quality thereof.

2011 Our first exports began to different European and Asian markets.

2015 Exports represent 20% of the total production.